FPA Day of Action

Family Planning Advocates (FPA) Day of Action Report by Kathy Tew Rickey to the GUSTO Clergy Group (reprinted with her permission) Monday, January 26, 2015 Debriefing Hello all – as I said it was a great day despite the weather threats. The events started out being well organized with a rally in The Well of the Legislative Office Building. There were hot pink pashmina scarves and hot pink neck ties given out at registration. Placards were also distributed with FPA messages for rallying. The speakers included several senators, assemblypersons, and the leaders of the Bi-Partisan Pro-Choice Legislative Caucus (90 members). We are not alone in family planning support! Continue reading

IINYS testimony: Eliminate wage gap for tipped workers

IINYS Executive Director Robb Smith testified about the minimum wage gap for tipped workers in New York State. Right now, the difference between the minimum wage for other workers and that for your waiter or waitress is $3 per hour, going up to $3.75 per hour on Dec. 31st. Called a "tip credit," it is in fact a kickback to employers that is paid directly out of the earnings of our lowest paid, most vulnerable workers. It also unfairly distorts the notion religious tenet of charity that is implicity in the practice of tipping.  IINY recommended eliminating the wage gap.  Continue reading

Reproductive Justice letter

I just sent the following letter to the editor of the Albany Times Union  Dear Editor: As a Unitarian Universalist Lay Community Minister, I believe in religious liberty and reproductive justice. That’s why I support the full New York State Women’s Equality Act, which protects a women’s human and civil rights at work, at home and when she makes a private health care decision. Continue reading

Welcome to the IINYS Blog

Welcome to the new Interfaith Impact of NYS blog.  We hope you will follow us here as we post items from around the state, look at who’s doing what in the areas ranging from health and human rights to prison reform and economic justice, talk about actions and reactions, and discuss what we can do to make a difference.  Continue reading